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Syrian opposition demands Assad's resignation

Source | Agencies
Antalya | 03 Jun 2011

Syria's exiled opposition called on President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday to resign immediately and hand power to the vice president until a council is formed to transform the country to democracy at the end of the "Change in Syria Conference" held in Turkish province of Antalya on Thursday.


Unsure about Islam? Thanks to Austin woman, there's now an app for that

Source : Eileen Flynn | The Statesman
Friday | 03 June 2011

Amanda Quraishi wants to assure you that downloading 365muslim, her new smart phone application, will not cause you to be "converted, indoctrinated, hypnotized, browbeat, jihad-ed, or added to an FBI watch list."

Well, she might not be able to guarantee the last one, but Quraishi's disclaimer on the Web site promoting the app captures both her relentless humor and some people's troubling perceptions of Islam.


Russia's Tatarstan warns of radical Islam 'threat'

Source : Nicolas Miletitch | AFP
KAZAN : Russia | 31 May 2011

Authorities in Tatarstan, a predominantly Muslim region of central Russia, have sounded the alarm about radical Islam spreading to a region previously praised as a model of religious tolerance.


Fresh battles between Yemen troops, tribesmen

Source | AP
SANAA : Yemen | 02 Jun 2011

A Yemeni army officer who defected from President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s camp says government forces and armed tribesmen who sided with the opposition have fought new street battles overnight in the capital Sanaa, leaving dozens killed and injured.

The officer also says that thousands of armed tribesmen have fought the Yemeni army about 10 miles (15 kilometers) from the city in an effort to push toward Sanaa.


Syria opposition say Assad must go after killings

Source : Khaled Yacoub Oweis | Reuters
ANTALYA : Turkey | 01 Jun 2011

Syrian President Bashar Assad must step down to pave the way for democracy after an uprising against his rule showed he had lost legitimacy, the country’s opposition in exile said on Wednesday.

Rights groups say 1,000 civilians have been killed in a military crackdown as Assad seeks to crush a revolt which has turned into the gravest challenge to his 11-year rule.


Tank, troops pull out from Bahrain capital

Source | AP
MANAMA | 01 June 2011

Tanks and soldiers left the heart of Bahrain’s capital as emergency rule was lifted Wednesday, but authorities warned they were not easing pressure on anti-government groups in the Gulf kingdom.

The military withdrew from the center of Manama but kept police at numerous checkpoints around the city.


North, south Sudan agree to demilitarized border

Source : Maggie Fick | AP
JUBA : Sudan | 31 May 2011

North and south Sudan have agreed to establish a jointly patrolled demilitarized border zone between the two sides as the south prepares to declare independence in July, the African Union said Tuesday.


Zuma says Qaddafi refuses to leave Libya

Source : Marius Bosch | Reuters
JOHANNESBURG | 31 May 2011

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is not prepared to leave Libya but will press efforts to find a political solution to the country’s conflict, South African President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday.

In a statement issued after meeting Qaddafi in Tripoli on Monday, Zuma said the Libyan leader had called for an end to NATO bombings “to enable a Libyan dialogue” and renewed a call for a cease-fire.


Top Turkish general jailed on coup plot charges

Source | World Bulletin
Istanbul | 01 June 2011

A top Turkish general was jailed on Monday pending trial over an alleged 2003 plot to unseat Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's government.

General Bilgin Balanli, commander of Turkey's military academies, is the highest-ranking serving officer among nearly 200 serving and retired officers charged with involvement in the alleged conspiracy, dubbed "Operation Sledgehammer".


No contradiction between Islam and democracy'

Source | Al Arabiya
Brussels | 01 June 2011

Declaring that there was “no contradiction between Islam and democracy,” political and religious leaders of the European Union have called for more religious tolerance in Europe and its neighboring countries.


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