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Israeli forces continue arrest campaign in Palestinian territories

Palestinian women hold pictures of relatives held in Israeli jails during a weekly protest calling for the release of Palestinia

Source : Mohammed Mar`i | Arab News
RAMALLAH | 10 May 2011

Israeli forces continued their arrest campaigns in the Palestinian territories on Monday.

Palestinian security sources said that Israeli forces operating in the West Bank town of Beit Sahour, to the east of Bethlehem, arrested three members of a Palestinian family. They also arrested a Palestinian teenager Abdulhamid Ja’afreh in the town of Tarqoumya, to the west of Hebron.

According to sources, the four were taken by Israeli soldiers to unknown locations for questioning by the Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet.

The sources said that the Israeli forces raided the towns of Reihiyeh, Halhoul, Doura and Al-Fawwar refugee camp in search for “wanted” Palestinian activists.

Israeli defense establishment says the almost daily arrest campaigns in Palestinian territories are part of its war against Palestinian armed groups.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) says that the Israeli raids hinder its security forces to tighten their grip on the Palestinian territories.

Israel does not allow the PA to have any security role in specific areas in the West Bank that the 1993 Oslo peace agreement between the two sides classified as C areas.


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