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'White Masai' brings fertility to Tanzania

Sevde Sevan Usak, a 48 years old traveler who is dedicated to taking pictures of her life lives in Istanbul. Usak, who traveled to 74 countries and made photographs of nature for newspapers and magazines, found her way to Tanzania, where she met her love five years ago.

Meeting with Fabio Sumaili Saita who is engaged in agriculture and livestock in the country's Masai region the couple fell in love and are happily married ever since.
Usak witnessed the tough life of people in the Masai region where she lived with her husband. Soon she established contacts with civil society organizations in Turkey as there was no electricity and water, and within a year drilled four deep water wells.
The clean water pouring from the wells where the drought became uninhabitable changed the fate of the region. Usak who has grown 15 kinds of vegetables and fruits in Africa, where the people are living with scarce resources, soon gained the love of the people.
Usak, known as "White Masai" and "Turkish bride", pioneered the development of gardening in the region thanks to the strong dialogue she has established with the Masai helped local women engage in agriculture and plant fruit trees and crops.
The "white bride" who is also interested in social media and who changed the fate of Masai, where two thousand people live, received a well deserved prize.
On March 13, Turkey’s state-run religious authority, the Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB), awarded recipients of its Fourth International Benevolence Awards. This year’s awards was handed to seven winners picked from a list of 1,500 with stories of good deeds. Among them "white bride" was recognized for her contribution to the education of women and children in Tanzania.
Usak, who received numerous awards for her dedication in the remote region of Tanzania, said, "I have had such a contribution, because I lived with them. I quickly adapted to them and the region. They call me "White Masai." The reason for the award is my presence and engagement in activities in the region to do such a job." 

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