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Vitamin C, E supplements diminish muscular endurance

The team monitored some 54 participants who were given either 100mg of vitamin C plus 235mg vitamin E

Source : Presstv / 06 Feb 2014

Norwegian researchers indicate that consuming some types of vitamin supplements like C and E may blunt performance of muscles in responding to exercise.

The study, carried out at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, demonstrated that Vitamin C and E supplements could diminish the improvement of muscular endurance and affect athletic ability.

The team monitored some 54 participants who were given either 100mg of vitamin C plus 235mg vitamin E or a sugar pill during an 11-week trial, according the study report published in the Journal of Physiology.

During the supplementation, the participated young men and women had an endurance-training program performed three to four sessions a week.

While the researchers observed them through blood samples and muscle biopsies before and after interventions, they found some developing differences inside the muscle.

As each muscle cell contains lots of tiny mitochondria which benefits the muscle cell its energy, taking the supplements caused producing fewer extra mitochondria to cope with the increasing demands placed on the muscle.

"Our results show that vitamin C and E supplements blunted the endurance-training-induced increase of mitochondrial proteins, which are needed to improve muscular endurance," said the lead author Dr Goran Paulsen.

"Our results indicate that high dosages of vitamin C and E, as commonly found in supplements, should be used with caution, especially if you are undertaking endurance training," Paulsen recommended.

The new study is contrary to a previous research that suggested the benefits of vitamin C supplements for exercise.

The study claimed that a daily supplement of 500mg of vitamin C could be associated with an average 11 fewer heart beats during exercise.

"This latest study is essentially preliminary and the research findings would need to be re-assessed in further work," the experts say.


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