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Turkey´s fifth satellite to be launched

Turkey´s TURKSAT 4A Communication Satellite will be launched on 15 February 2014 in Kazakhstan to space with Proton rocket.

Source : World Bulletin / 10 Feb 2014

Turkey's TURKSAT 4A Communication Satellite - Turkey´s fifth satallite - will be launched with a Proton rocket on 15 February 2014 from Baykonur Space Centre in Kazakhstan.

The Turksat 4A telecommunication satellite was produced jointly with Turkish and Japanese engineers.

Television broadcasts and satellite communication signals will be able to reach all of the African continent with TURKSAT 4A.

Turkey´s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on January 8, visited Mitsubishu Electric Company’s satellite production plant in Tokyo where TURKSAT 4A and TURKSAT 4B communication satellites are produced.

According to Erdogan, every step of production activities of TURKSAT 4A satellite were carried out under the supervision of Turkish company TURKSAT A.S.

“The co-operation carried out in aeronautics and space technology with Japan has results beyond TURKSAT 4A and TURKSAT 4B satellites’ production. Substantially these kinds of projects have major importance with respect to transfer this knowledge and experience in this field to our country’’ he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan indicated that TURKSAT 4A and TURKSAT 4B communication satellites will increase Turkey’s communication capacity up to triple.

Turkey´s other satellite TURKSAT 4B, Turkey´s sixth satellite, will be launched on the second quarter of this year. Officials says with TURKSAT 4B Internet services provider fees will be fifty percent cheaper in the country


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