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Turkey hosts the first Syrian Economic Forum

Turkey hosted the first Syrian Economic Forum conference.

Source : Al Arabiya / 19 Dec 2013

The deterioration of the Syrian economy, work opportunities in areas controlled by the opposition and the living conditions of refugees in neighboring countries were among the topics discussed at the Syrian Economic Forum, held for the first time this week in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Turkish officials, members of the Syrian opposition, businessmen and economic analysts attended the conference.

Tammam Baroudy, deputy chief of the forum, said the conference paid significant attention to the economic situation in Aleppo and Idlib.

“[Our] discussion of the situation of factories in Aleppo and Idlib was based on an analytical study,” Baroudy told Al Arabiya News Channel.

He added that the forum’s final report on these two areas includes recommendations on how to rehabilitate the industrial sector so factories can contribute to improving the local economy.

Meanwhile, Riad Sief, a member of the Syrian National Coalition, told Al Arabiya that the conference also focused on establishing a free zone on the Turkish-Syrian border in order to ensure as many Syrians as possible are involved in gainful employment.


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