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Turkey in 41st place for English proficiency

Turkey’s English proficiency has seen an 11% improvement and is now ranked 41st place out of 60 countries.

Source : World Bulletin / 09 Nov 2013

Turkey’s English proficiency has improved more than any nation over the last six years, but is not enough to meet the country’s economic demands, is the finding of a report by Education First (EF) an international education company specializing in language training.

Turkeys has impoved its English proficiency by 11 percent since 2007 and ranks 41th out of 60 countries where English is not native language, the English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) report for 2013 found. “This is a positive trend, coming as the country continues to develop according to a number of economic factors.”

Despite this improvement in Turkey, “the lack of English proficiency still remains an obstacle to the country’s economic development” the Switzerland based Education Company’s report said.

Considering the growth in the importance of English over the last 15 years, a strong working knowledge of the language for today’s children will be even more essential when they enter workforce, the report added.

Some universities in Turkey have begun to give education in English in recent years. The improvement is mostly due to this development, professor at Hacettepe Univeristy in Ankara, Mehmet Demirezen, said AA reporter. “There are still some obstacles to improve Turkey’s English proficiency such as overcrowded classes, frequent changes in educational system and lack of enough English teachers at schools” Demirezen also said.

As the country opens up to outside world in terms of tourism, trade and student exchange programs, foreign language skills seem to improve accordingly.

EF is the largest privately held education provider in the world with over 400 schools worldwide.


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