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‘Sultans of Science’ at the National Science Museum in Thailand

Sultans of Science is a global touring exhibition celebrating the contribution of Muslim scholars to science and technology

By Fouzia Khan | Arab News | 08 Aug 2012

Sultans of Science, a global traveling exhibition of MTE Studios, United Arab Emirates, will bring history back to life at the National Science Museum in Thailand from mid-August to mid-November 2012.

Sultans of Science, also known as “Islamic Science Rediscovered,” is a global touring exhibition celebrating the contribution of Muslim scholars to science and technology during the Golden Age in the Islamic world from 700 to 1700 AD. It shows the era’s inventions and contributions toward modern society.

Pichai Sonchaeng, president of the National Science Museum, said: “The knowledge displayed in this exhibition is vital to everyone in our society. It reveals the fundamental facts on today’s science and technology. We are thrilled to host the Sultans of Science exhibition and are delighted to bring this remarkable exhibition to audiences in Thailand, which will be an astonishing experience for our visitors.”

The exhibition will bring one of the world's most pioneering civilizations to life. The display at the National Science Museum will surprise the visitors on how thinkers between 700 and 1700 AD influenced the main fields of Islamic scientific endeavor including architecture, arts, astronomy, engineering, exploration, flight, mathematics, medicine, optics, and water control on a journey back through time. The dawn of the Islamic Golden Age in the 7th century was profoundly inspired by the instruction to seek and share knowledge.

The multimedia exhibition also highlights how Muslims worked harmoniously alongside people of different faiths and races across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Commenting on the success of the Asia launch at the Science Center in Singapore, Ludo Verheyen, CEO of MTE Studios, said, “Sultans of Science was well received by multicultural audiences across all venues previously in North America and Singapore. It generates curiosity and propels the desire to further study and discover the mysteries of sciences inspiring children and the youth to pursue careers in science and technology.”

With a focus on increasing knowledge and understanding of these invaluable contributions, Islamic Science Rediscovered has been created as a global traveling exhibition in order to enable its message to be far-reaching through science centers and museums around the world.

“We are looking forward to the opening of our exhibition at an esteemed venue like the National Science Museum,” said Verheyen.

Concluding soon in Singapore, the traveling exhibition has already witnessed a record number of visitors. After concluding in Thailand, the exhibition will be hosted at Petrosains, a science discovery center in Malaysia.


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