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Six Arabian Oud workers embrace Islam

“We would like to congratulate the new Muslims for choosing the right path"

Source : Saudi Gazette / 13 Feb 2014

Six employees of Arabian Oud, the largest fragrance retailer in the world, embraced Islam and pronounced the "testimony of faith" in the presence of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdulrahman Alarifi, the company said in a statement.

The reverts said they decided to change their faith with full conviction after attending religious awareness programs held by the company.

A number of employees of different nationalities at Arabian Oud had embraced Islam in the past, the statement said, adding that this reflected the attention the company paid to properly guide its employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and help them develop their personal traits.

The new Muslims expressed their happiness at embracing Islam and said they were fully prepared to learn all religious rules, code of conduct and duties.

They also voiced their appreciation for all awareness activities and programs that are offered by Arabian Oud as part of its commitment to enhancing its employees' awareness.

Bandar Sanqura, general manager of human resources at Arabian Oud, said: “We would like to congratulate the new Muslims for choosing the right path, asking God to give them persistence, fidelity and wisdom."

He said Arabian Oud was much appreciated for its support for campaigns and initiatives that aim to explain the tolerant religion of Islam to Muslim and non-Muslim communities living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The six employees accepted Islam with full conviction and respect to the Islamic essentials and the Sunnah that was communicated to them through Arabian Oud’s working environment that helped attract many employees and their family members to Islam in the past. We are keen to maintain our efforts and achievements in enhancing the working environment for better levels of transparency, organization, accuracy and cohesion among employees," Sanqura said.


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