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Signs of the Prophet in the Previous Scriptures


The Almighty Allah says in the Quran:

"Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered prophet, whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel"(Surah 7 (Al-'A`rāf), verse 157) 

"And when there came to them a Book from Allah confirming that which was with them - although before they used to pray for victory against those who disbelieved - but [then] when there came to them that which they recognized, they disbelieved in it..." (Surah 2 (Al-Baqarah), verse 89)

“Is it not a sign to them that the learned men of the Children of Israel knew it (as true)?” (Surah 26 (Ash-Shu`arā') verse 197)


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