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Shopping Instinct in Women

One obsession is universal in all women and, that is, love for shopping.

By Maryam Hedayat | | 27 Jun 2013

Each person has one or more kind of hobby or passion. Even every woman has her individual hobbies. But one obsession is universal in all women and, that is, love for shopping. Shopping is a passion for many and a hobby of almost the entire women on this planet.

In fact, women are almost crazy behind shopping. But men, they nearly dislike shopping. Why they do not like, it is difficult to say. They actually do not like buying something all the while or they cannot tolerate spending their money.

More or less every couple must be having slight trouble with shopping, because wife loves shopping while husband dislikes it; wife loves going out while husband feels tired of work all day to have a rest. Perhaps, Allah has made female like this.  It is in her nature that she loves shopping.

It is believed that when women are depressed, they eat of their choice or go for shopping. Some men consider that the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her, to know her judgment in deciding about a product.

Mostly women are indecisive while shopping. They never easily come to a conclusion what to buy. They go on admiring things, yet they fail to click the deal immediately.

Women can go into a store with every intention of getting at least one item. But they see all the cute things lying around the store saying "buy me."

And they keep on buying just because it appears beautiful. How frustrating for the financially dependent women with penny-pinching partners who place stringent limits on their expenditures and shopping.

Most women desire to go shopping almost every day. Some women aimlessly roam around the market spending hours and hours leaving babies back home in the custody of the elders to escape the responsibility.

Sometimes some women tell their husbands they want to buy a dress. But what happens after reaching the market, inquire the poor husband who actually believed his wife’s words of just buying a dress….beginning with the dress, then matching jewelries continued by matching sandals, followed by toning purse, and an unending list…

Even after buying thousands of dresses, ornaments, sandals etc. women will crave for more. ‘Discontentment’ is perhaps the word suitable for women. May be, since they don’t own responsibility like the men have to run the family, they do not know the nuances of spending sensibly.

But it is a human or a woman tendency of no satisfaction. Ladies will always grumble “I have been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear.” They are also noticed complaining about their husbands not caring to meet their wishes. Poor souls! They work hard to please their wives but only end in disappointment.

Some new items in the market always magnetize women. This new object can be anything which is not even a necessity. But still ladies will go and purchase that just because some friends or neighbors bought that. Never mind if they never actually use that afterward.

Women acquire hours to purchase a single item; often after browsing one shop to other for hours she will emerge back without buying anything. Sometimes even she herself does not know what she really is in search of. Truly, ‘unpredictability’ characterizes a woman’s character.

Retail is the dominion of women; they shop to purchase both essential and discretionary goods, to relax, and to socialize.

Women account for over 80 percent of consumer spending, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They are the major targets by companies worldwide to make things exist for them in the market.

Women will spend more than eight years of their lives shopping, says a study. While keeping their families fed and clothed, and indulging in a little retail therapy, the average woman will shop for an astonishing 25,184 hours over a period of 63 years.

Some women are so addicted to shopping that they do not even graze to burden themselves with debt. Sometimes an earning man runs the whole family effortlessly, but the similar obsession is tricky for an earning woman because of her overload shopping.

Sometimes, ladies are overwhelmed with a sense of guilt at having spent so much money, or having bought so many things that were really not needed, or at the idea that they had to explain to their husbands how they managed to blow through this much money in so little time and so on.

In fact, shopping in itself is not bad but excessive of anything is not good either. Whether it is shopping, eating, playing, reading or sleeping, extreme indulgence in something affects both our way of perception and personality.

Obviously, too much of shopping and spending have the negative influences upon the whole family. It is not only about the wastage of money but also about the consumption of precious time.  

Life at the moment is full of stresses and challenges that arise out of our immense love for material things and extravagant ways of life. We hardly try to find out an alternative, the alternative to follow the spirituality of Islam that carries immense amount of peaceful bliss in life; rather we are lost in the never-ending pleasurable cycles of experiences in the world. The inspiring verses of the Glorious Quran are truly momentous:  ‘And life of this world is nothing but deceptive pleasure.’ (03:185)

Islam teaches us neither to indulge in overindulgence nor to follow miserliness. It is to educate us to be careful in planning in life…whether it is shopping or any other meaningful activity of life.

Moreover, practically money recklessly spent in obsession only results in regret later. The Holy Quran mentions: ‘And (the true servants of Allah are those) who, when spending, are neither extravagant nor niggardly, but their spending follows a middle course, ever moderate.’ (25:67)

The eternal message about our living on the earth is to lead a life of balance…never allowing ourselves to be dictated by our Nafs in going to extremes. We need to maintain the rhythmical harmony of various social responsibilities.

It is time women pay heed to this aspect of life as ‘shopping instinct’ in them is one of the innate characteristics of women’s life.


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