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Saudi Arabian prince honors nurse

A Saudi nurse was honored by the Emir of Qaseem for rescuing a little girl suffering from a liver disease after she donated part of her liver to the patient.

Abeer Al-Anzi was rewarded for saving the girl and for later donating a portion of her jewelery to support a Saudi foundation for liver patients.

Prince Faisal bin Mashaal bin Abdel Aziz Al-Suood, Emir of Qaseem, who heads the Society for Liver Patients (Kabidak), commended Al Anzi’s “sense of responsibility.”

Prince Faisal said her act of kindness reflects the noble character of the people of Saudi Arabia.

“This noble humanitarian act embodies the patriotic spirit and the love for good, and it is a source of pride and happiness to see that from the sons and daughters of this country,” he said, in statements carried by the Saudi Press Agency.

The prince honored Al Anzi and thanked her for her donations to sliver patients.



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