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Poem: Turning Back to Allah


By SisterZ / 28 Feb 2013

You've Recognised your sin/mistake,

So now Turn Back to Him (SWT),

Ready to Sacrifice and Leave that which,

Distanced you from your Lord (SWT),

Trusting that He (SWT) Knows Better.

Allah Promises and Loves to Forgive,

He (SWT) says: "Don't Despair",

He (SWT) is At-Tawaab:

"The Acceptor of Repentance, The Oft Returning",

And His (SWT) Mercy overcomes His (SWT) Anger


So Turn Back Now, don't wait for later,

Before the Death Rattle reaches the Throat,

Before the Sun Rises from the West.


Turn Back to your Lord,

By Repenting (Tawbah/Istigfaar),

With Willingness,

With Sincerity (Ikhlaas),

Feeling Remorse,

and Regret,

Intending Never again to Return to that sin,

With Belief (Emaan) in your Heart.


Keep it Flowing,

Staying Steadfast (Istikhaamah),

By Purifying and Cleansing,

And keeping Good Company,

Harbouring Good Thoughts,

Speaking Good Words,

by Doing Good Deeds (Al-Birr),

and Allah will make your Journey Easier.


Make your Heart your Forte,

And Allah will Change the rest.

Delete Old Memories, Painful ones too,

Retaining Lessons Learned.

Your Pleas have not gone unheard,

And your Tears are Not Lost,

Becoming Peals of Wisdom,

So Move Forward Wisely Oh Muslim,

With Confidence, Humility and Dignity;

And Be the Best you can,

Your Slate is Clean,

Its Simple and Clear,

Just Turn Back to Allah, Right Now and Right Here.


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