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Nuts diet in pregnancy may lower baby’s allergies risk

maternal consumption of peanuts during pregnancy was strongly linked to childhood asthma.

Source : Presstv / 25 Dec 2013

A new study demonstrates that those mothers who consume nuts during the pregnancy may have the babies with less likely involved with nuts allergy.

The study conducted by American researchers suggests that early exposure in mother’s womb may develop natural tolerance to certain foods in baby.

The researchers followed the health and diets of over 8,000 children and their mothers, according to the study report published JAMA Pediatrics.

“Children were a third less likely to have a nut allergy if their mothers had eating nuts during pregnancy,” said the study leader Dr Lindsay Frazier of the Dana-Faber Children's Cancer in Boston.

The recommended nuts are including pistachios, cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans, brazils, peanuts and macadamias as well as hazelnuts.

The new study is in contrast to some other researches that have claimed either no effect or a possible risk from nut consumption.

An earlier study in 2008 carried out by Dutch scientists showed that maternal consumption of peanuts during pregnancy was strongly linked to childhood asthma.

"To make things even more complicated, there is also strong evidence to suggest that nut allergy doesn't develop until after birth and that it is exposure of the infant's skin to nut protein that is most important in the development of allergy,” commented by Dr Adam Fox, consultant children's allergist at Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust

"With such differing results from different studies, it is currently impossible to offer advice about exactly what mothers should do regarding nut consumption during pregnancy but current international guidance is that there is no need to either avoid nuts or to actively eat them," he also noted.

Meanwhile, the experts believe that the result of the study not recommended to the mothers who are themselves allergic to nuts and should therefore always avoid consuming them.


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