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Mesopotamian relic found in Oman

The necklace found has the Mesopotamian letters “di, Jo, la” inscribed on it. (Photo courtesy: The Celery Museum website)

Source : Al Arabiya / 15 Nov 2013

An artifact belonging to the Mesopotamian civilization in modern-day Iraq was found during archaeological excavations in Oman, a local newspaper reported Thursday.

The necklace is considered the first object in the country with cuneiform writing, the Times of Oman reported.

Cuneiform script is one of the earliest known systems of writing, with wedge-shaped marks on clay tablets made by a blunt reed.

The necklace, with the design of an eye, has the Mesopotamian letters “di, Jo, la” inscribed on it.

Archaeologists said it seemed people who wore the necklace believed it prevented illness.

It is considered one of the most important recent archaeological discoveries in Oman, said Sultan bin Saif al-Bakri, director of excavations and archaeological studies at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

“This archaeological item... indicates the richness and civilizational depth of Oman during the bronze and iron age. It tells us about Oman’s relations with the civilizations of the Mesopotamian period,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

The necklace was found during an archaeological project carried out by the ministry in association with the University of Bologna, Italy.


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