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Iran among top-10 largest silk producer in world

Head of Iran’s Sericulture Center Adil Sarvi said the country is ranked 8th in the world in silk production, putting the annual production volume of silk at 120 tons.
According to him, 90% of the world’s silk is produced by Asian countries, with China in the first place with an annual production of 142,000 tons and India in the second place with production of 32,000 tons of silk.
Sarvi said that 22 provinces in Iran are active in silk farming, although 96% of silkworms cultivation is concentrated in only seven provinces, with Gilan on top (40%), followed by Razavi Khorasan (30%) in northeastern Iran.
Sarvi noted that the country had reached its target production of 900 tons of silkworm cocoon last year, adding that the volume is predicted to hit 978 tons this year, with an over 55% increase of revenue for the silk farmers, the MNA reported.

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