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Holy Qurans exhibition opens in Istanbul

The exhibition is in the mall of Istanbul's Moi Art Hall and will remain open during Ramadan.

Source : Kuzey news agency / 09 Jul 2014

Hand-written Qurans along with the ones written in several languages are exhibited in Istanbul during holy month of Ramadan, the month when the Quran was first to be revealed by Allah.

Organized by Insan Publications, the exhibition hosts several valuable pieces including one of the most precious of them, a facsimile of the Quran of Uthman, the third caliphate of Muslims who were assassinated while reading Quran.

The facsimile of the Quran of Uthman has been published by Research Center for Islamic History Art and Culture (IRCICA). Another valuable piece is the Quran published by Ahmed Karahisari, a well-respected Islamic scholar.

The oldest Quran presented is 300 years old, which is present alongside Qurans in 48 languages from 78 countries. The languages varied from Korean and Zulu to Kashmirian and Telugu.

The coordinator of the exhibition Yunus Ipek said "We are presenting various Qurans for people to feel the spiritual pleasure of Quran by seeing it. There are several Qurans in different languages ranging from the ones spoken in India to Uighur. Ornamentations and calligraphies are also presented in the event."

The exhibition is in the mall of Istanbul's Moi Art Hall and will remain open during Ramadan.



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