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Heroes of jihad about terrorist attacks and explosions

Commanders of the faithful Imam Shamil (left) and Emir Abdul Qadir Jazairi (right)
As an answer to the fake information about the organizers of the 2017 terrorist act in the St. Petersburg metro, who allegedly called themselves "Imam Shamil's battalion," we would like to quote an episode from the life of the great Imam and another contemporary of his, the national hero of Algeria, who raised the banner of the liberation struggle, Emir Abd el-Kader ibn Muhyiddin al-Jazairi.
An exchange of letters between Emir Abd el-Kader and Imam Shamil is recorded in historical chronicles. From them it becomes evident that even in the midst of military operations, they both opposed violence and cruelty, called for peaceful dialogue with representatives of other faiths. Undoubtedly, these letters should become public knowledge, so that many of them can learn from them who do not understand the essence of jihad, believing that it means total destruction of dissidents.
Since 1855, after the defeat of the uprising against the French colonialists, Abd el-Kader lived in Damascus and practiced theology. Sheikh Abd el-Kader has carried his true Islamic attitude to representatives of other religions through all the hardships and difficult times of being in captivity. This was especially evident during the events in Damascus, when clashes between Muslims and Christians began. The French embassy was blown up, and the Russian vice-consulate was attacked. Only thanks to the intervention and intercession of the Sheikh, the Vice-Consul Makeev was saved from imminent death. Many other Christians were also saved. The merits of Abd el-Kader were highly appreciated by Russia. He was awarded the Order of the White Eagle.
Imam Shamil immediately responded to the incident in a letter to Emir Abd el-Kader in 1860: "My ears were struck with a message unbearable to the ears and contrary to nature itself about what happened between Muslims and non-believers and what should not have happened in the Muslim world, especially since it threatened to spread a revolt among all Muslims. My hair has risen from all these horrors, the smile has disappeared from my face ... ". And further: "May you be reconciled to Almighty the Most High!" And may He bless you with wealth and children, because you have fulfilled the words of the great Prophet ﷺ, sent by God as mercy to mankind, and did not allow the entrenchment of enmity towards us because of our faith."
In turn, Emir Abd el-Kader replied to Imam Shamil in 1861: "Violence triumphs in all countries, and its results are shameful. However, people in our days of temptation are losing their heads to such an extent that they do not see anything positive to them. How sad it is to see so few religious people and so few who still resort to the power of justice. There are so few of them that ignoramuses began to believe that the source of faith in Islam is rudeness, cruelty and detachment from all the virtue. "
Such a position of these well-known Muslim leaders who built their lives in strict accordance with the prescriptions of the Quran and Sunnah is very relevant and instructive in our time.

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