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Heart disease rate ‘rising’

A total of 50,213 men and 42,790 Saudi women with the disease visited primary healthcare centers.

By MD Rasooldeen / 2 Nov 2013

The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia has warned that there is a rising incidence of heart disease in the country and urged residents and citizens to protect themselves with proper diet and exercise.

In reports issued recently, the ministry said that 42 percent of all deaths from non-communicable diseases in 2010 were from heart disease.

The medical reports covering 2008 to 2010 have revealed that there was a slight improvement in the number of deaths from the disease. According to the latest census, the mortality rate dropped from 17.9 percent to 16.3 percent and 16.7 percent for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

A total of 50,213 men and 42,790 Saudi women with the disease visited primary healthcare centers. In addition, 167,499 people with heart disease and 140,322 with rheumatic heart disease visited hospitals during 2010.

According to a report released by the ministry’s information center, cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes, claim the lives of 17.3 million people every year. This number is likely to reach 23 million people in 2030 if there are no effective interventions.

The report said that “unhealthy dieting, lack of physical activities and tobacco use are considered the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease.” The other causes include hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

This year’s theme of World Heart Day focused on the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease with a focus on women and children. Cardiovascular disease can affect people of all ages and population groups.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, causing one in three female deaths. Children are also vulnerable with the risk beginning during fetal development, and increasing during childhood with exposure to unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and smoking.


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