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Golden track in Islamic history - Kuramuhammad Haji Ramazanov

Kuramuhammad-haji Ramazanov, martyr, scholar, Alim, called as Imam Nawawi of our time
Eleven years ago, on July 26, 2007, as a result of the terrorist attack, the great contemporary scholar-theologian Alim Kuramuhammad-haji Ramazanov was martyred. According to the noble hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), the death of a learned theologian is like the death of all mankind.
However, in the memory of Muslims, he will remain for long time. We ask readers to recite the surah "al-Fatiha" and share the reward to the souls of Kuramuhammad-hajji and Abdullah-hajji Ramazanov.
The death of Kuramuhammad-Haji Ramazanov is an irreplaceable loss for the entire Muslim Ummah. Nobody could have imagined that the life of an outstanding personality, a learned theologian, who was called "the Imam of Nawawi of our time", will end so abruptly. It is impossible to assess the damage that the Muslims suffered with the loss of Kuramuhammad-Haji.
Only after this torch of Islam left us, people realized what a great scholar they had lost.
He and his brother Abdullah-Haji returned to their Creator on Friday night, while on the way home from the mosque. Following to the established tradition, every Friday night after the evening prayer a khatmu-salawat is recited in the Makhachkala Central Juma Mosque, where Allah is glorified and salutations are invoked upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). As usual, before this event Kuramuhammad-hajji addressed the believers with a sermon, urging people to maintain peace and practice good. When the time of night prayer came, everyone prayed behind Kuramuhammad-Haji.
After spending the whole evening in such a service, they headed home. But Kuramuhammad-Hajji and his brother did not make it... The monstrous terror act cut off their lives.
The month of Rajab is one of the months in which war is forbidden. What deadly sin those non-humans took upon themselves, having deprived the life of the learned theologian, the "ocean of knowledge"? Those who have done this, do not even know about the wrath of the Most High, which they brought upon themselves, about the grief and misfortune that awaits them, both in this world and in the next. Those who dared raise their hands to the Alim, who called for the religion of Allah, are the most unfortunate people on Earth. They themselves have signed a terrible sentence and it is difficult to imagine how they will answer before God for the interrupted sermons that he could still read, for the books that he could still write for the fact that the call to Islam is not continued by Kuramuhammad-Haji Ramazanov. For him and his brother Abdullah-Haji, such death is happiness in the next world, because they died as martyrs. We think that they prayed for such an end from Allah Almighty.
Kuramuhammad-haji Ramazanov was a man who began his workday from the morning prayer and ended up late at night. It seemed that he did not have time even to sleep. He did not miss a second for nothing, as if he knew that on Earth he was destined not to stay long. He valued time and spent it only with good conduct. He had an irrepressible thirst for knowledge. Although he left us, his books and knowledge, which he gave to thousands of Muslims remained. Remained his work, over which he worked days and nights. Even in the car, while traveling between mosques and madrassas, he read and wrote something. Kuramuhammad-haji once said that his hand was so tired of the long writing that he had to take a break - he worked to such an extent.
One of the most vivid and most relevant today is his book "The Delusion of Wahhabis in Shariah Matters", "Islamic Ethics", which he never managed to publish during his lifetime, but, praise to the Almighty, now they have been published and thousands of Muslims can read them. His new books continue to be published, they are translated into different national languages, hundreds of his students are inviting people to Islam. Dagestanians give their children the name of Kuramuhammad-Haji.
And the words from the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) are recalled that on the Day of Judgment the ink of the Alims will outweigh the blood of martyrs who fell in the way of Allah. Kuramuhammad-hajji Ramazanov received both these blessings: he died both as a martyr and as an Alim who left behind such a rich heritage ...
May Allah have mercy on them and raise their degree in Paradise! Amin.

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