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Five new parks to be opened in Madinah

The second-holiest site in Islam, the Prophet's Mosque in Madina

Source : Arab News / 05 Jul 2014

The Madinah Secretariat has completed construction works on five new parks in different districts of the city covering a total area exceeding 75,000 square meters.

Khalid bin Abdilqadir Tahir, secretary of the Madinah region, said that the five parks are expected to be opened to the public in the second week of Ramadan.

He pointed out that the Madinah Municipality had taken into account the homogenous distribution of the parks’ sites, their geography and the population of the neighborhoods. He added that each residential area would have a garden with a section for youth and one for families.

The secretary revealed that two new contracts will be drawn up for the establishment of more parks on an estimated area of 28,000 square meters in the inner city, in addition to other parks slated to be built throughout the suburbs of Madinah covering an estimated area of 150,000 square meters. He also said that a third contract will be signed for the renovation of a number of existing parks within the region in an area of 176,000 square meters.

The secretary also said that there are plans to build 18 stadiums spread across the municipalities of the provinces on an estimated area of 10,000 square meters at a cost of SR28 million.

He added that 10 new playgrounds would be created in the densely populated neighborhoods of the inner city of Madinah over an estimated 92,000 square meters at a total cost exceeding SR19 million. He also said that 28 playgrounds had been established over an area of 157,000 square meters and at a cost of over SR60 million.


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