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First for a woman environmentalist

Al-Habboubi is the first woman from Saudi Arabia with a Master's degree from the University of the Arabian Gulf

By  Fouzia Khan / Arab news / 01 Mar 2014

Hiba Hisham Al-Habboubi, the first Saudi woman to participate in the Environment and Petroleum Forum 2014 has set a record in the history of the industry representing Saudi women who aim to protect the environment through engineering projects.

The 7th symposium on environmental progress in the petroleum and petrochemical industry — Petro Environment 2014 was held at the Seef Center, Alkhobar under the auspices of the Environmental Technology and Management Association (ETMA) last week.

The three-day forum opened with the participation of 70 international speakers with the participation of more than 600 participants in order to provide solutions and new technologies to protect the environment.

Al-Habboubi is the first woman from Saudi Arabia with a Master's degree from the University of the Arabian Gulf, who participated in this forum with the aim of helping protect the environment and society.

Al-Habboubi is working with an engineering company, where she coordinates between environmental design and solutions companies and firms that provide environmental solutions and technologies for the establishment of both offshore and onshore industrial facilities.

Al-Habboubi said that working in the field of environment means taking special responsibility for the preservation of the nation’s wealth and resources. She feels she has a personal duty toward her country and the environment.

She thanked and appreciated Saudi Aramco for organizing the forum to achieve communication between world scientists for a clean environment and to protect future generations from the effects of environment pollution both in the Gulf and globally.

She said that the forum was an excellent opportunity to work for the environment and hoped that she would be invited to more such events which would add a new dimension to the environmental culture for both herself and other Saudi women.

Petro Environment 2014 provided the scientific community in the region with high quality presentations and posters.

This symposium afforded a great opportunity to share experience, innovations and best practices with the regional and global petro-environmental community, as well as to meet like-minded industry professionals.


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