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Female Shariah grads willing to work as BIP investigators

They said they would like to work in the BIP and apply what they studied practically.

Source : Okaz with Saudi Gazette / 05 Mar 2014

Female lawyers and specialists in law and Shariah said they supported the suggestion of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) to appoint them as investigators in the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIP).

They told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that some of them graduated from university with excellent grades.

Some of them obtained master’s degrees in religious call (dawa) and Shariah.

They said they would like to work in the BIP and apply what they studied practically.

Bayan Zahran said the absence of women from the judicial arena was illogical.

She said: “Their presence is necessary and inevitable due to their participation in life, work, investment and commerce.

“This trend of employing women to work for investigation authorities will solve certain problems during the investigation process, especially as women often feel embarrassed being questioned by a male investigator.”

Meanwhile, Zahra Mahzari, who holds a master’s degree in dawa from Taibah University with excellent grades and first class honors, said she was surprised that there were no jobs for her and her classmates.

She said: “We had no other choice but to register with the Hafez unemployment program.

“Whenever I submitted an application for a job and showed my degrees and grades, I was faced with mockery.

“They told me to go and work in the university as a lecturer. “As a female graduate I would welcome working as an investigator in the BIP.”

Hala Saud, another graduate, said: “I graduated in law but did not find a job or a place where I could get training.

“We hope the Human Rights Commission will be just to us so that we get a chance like other young women to serve our nation through work in the BIP, as it is a suitable place to work. “I wouldn’t mind working as a female investigator.”


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