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Family taxi cabs to be licensed for Saudi women driver only

The Public Transport Authority has approved granting licenses to the family taxi cabs which will be driven by Saudi women drivers only.

It said passengers of the family taxi cabs will be limited to men and children of various age groups.


Under the rules and regulations approved by the authority, the women drivers cannot take passengers if there is no mature Saudi woman among them.


"In this case, the establishment will be fined SR3,000 and warned that the fine will be SR2,000 if the men and male children are left alone in the car.


Under the rules, no men or young male children will be accommodated in the front seats.


The authority said the family car should have an engine with a capacity of 2,000 cubic centimeters and should have seven seats including the driver's seat and is air conditioned.


It said the cars should be registered as public taxis, should not be more than five years old from the date of the manufacturing and should have a GPS system.

The authority said if the establishment does not have an electronic payment system, it will be fined SR1,000 but if the system is available but not working the fine will be cut to SR500.


It said the Saudi women drivers should be highly trained and are holders of a general license, should have a clean conduct sheet.


The authority said if the establishment has 10 cars it would be immediately granted the licenses. It said the drivers should not smoke while behind the wheel and should not roam the streets looking from passengers.


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