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Diabetics told to stay away from camels

Camels are a great help to man but diabetics are being advised to stay away from them as precaution to avoid infection with coro

Source : Arab news / 05 Mar 2014

The Ministry of Health warned more than three million people with diabetes in Saudis from contact with camels. The warning applies to those receiving immunity-decreasing medicine such as cortisone, those undergoing cancer treatment or organ implants surgeries.

Deputy Health Minister Dr. Ziad Mishmish said the precaution aims to avoid infection with coronavirus; however, the way the virus transfers to humans is unclear yet. The numbers and types of the virus carries are unidentified yet.

“One of the main problems facing researchers is the low number of the virus carriers,” said Mishmish adding, “180 patients were examined since the discovery of the disease a year and a half ago.”

He explained that data processing and analysis is made difficult due to the patients' scattered locations, age and gender.

The warning comes in compliance with World Health Organization advisory which recommended people with chronic illness to not come in contact with camels.

The organization invited people to wash their hands well in the case of making contact with camels, especially their liquid secretions.

Studies have shown that 74 percent to 99 percent of camels carry the Coronavirus.


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