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Death is the fastest of Allah’s creatures

Beware of the day, when you will return to Allah.

Source : | 26 Jun 2012

Praised be Allah who promised to bestow a great reward upon those who surrendered to Him. Praised be Allah, who embellished the Heaven and its highest rang - the Firdaws - for His servant who invokes to Him and serves Him humbly.

I praise my Lord, Pure and Allmighty - verily there is no other deity but Him! He prepared Paradise for those who surrenderred to Him and believed in His Prophet (peace be upon him). I praise Allah infinitely and witness that there is no other deity than Allah who needs no companion. Allah is alive, eternal, never perishing: truly all other beings but Him shall perish. I also witness that our Prophet Muhammad is a servant of God and his Messenger, chosen among the people and the beloved one.

We witness that he accopmlished his mission in a perfect manner and guided us on the right way that is as clear in the night as in the daytime, and only a person whose soul is doomed can go astray. O Allah, bless Mohamed, his pure family and chosen companions, and bless us through your mercy, o Merciful.

O servants of Allah, I pledge to all of you, to every sinful soul: fear Allah! O servants of Allah, the Almighty is saying: “The daze of death will come revealing the truth.  This is what you have been shunning!” (surah Qaf, ayah 19; note: here and further translation of the approximate meaning of the Quran-note of transl.).

Allah is saying: “Beware of the day, when you will return to Allah. Then every person will be paid what he deserves and they will not be wronged (the payment will correspond their deeds)” (surah al-Baqarah, ayah 281).

Also, Allah is saying: “O you who believed! Fear Allah, as He should be feared, and die not otherwise than in the state of Islam (being Muslim)” (surah Al Imran, ayah 102).

O servants of Allah, every living being, everything will perish. The man does not see the funeral procession happening right before his sight. He sees how people die one by one, and this is a sign of that the death is a reality.

The moment will come for every person to leave this worldly life and return to his Lord who created everything and to whom everybody will return. Verily all things happen by Allah’s will. A funeral prosession speaks to you: “Look at me and think well, I am ready to be taken to the Hereafter, I am the death bed. How many people turned into one like me, and you also will follow!

O servants of Allah, the biggest concern of the rightious, even of the messengers and martyrs, is the state (condition) in that they will die. That is why it is not important where you die, but in what condition.

O Muslim, it is necessary to think about the hour which will come to you and take you by surprise if you do not know how to prepare yourself for a blessed end in advance.   

O servants of Allah, alims used to say: “The fastest thing created by Allah is death”.Why? Because it comes unexpected and you cannot chose a time for it to come. It can reach you at this very moment, because it is the fastest thing one can imagine. It can reach you when you are sitting among your family, and your death will be closer to you than your own clothes.

O Muslim, do you know, what happens to you when the death comes to you in your last hour? That time, four noble angles descend: the Angel of Death Azrail and three Messengers of Death.

The four angels descend when your last hour comes, they will start counting your last gasps: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one - and your death cannot be delayed for even a second.

It is impossible to postpone or to advance the moment of your death. When your hour comes, the Angel of Death will take away your soul, and the three other angels will carry it. They will take your soul from your flesh, each bone and each sinew of yours, starting with your foot toes and up to your collarbone. When the death reaches the collarbone, the celestial universe will appear before your sight, as it is mentioned in the Quran: “You were heedless about this, but now we removed the veil and your sight is clear” (surah Qaf, ayah 22).

So what do you see then? You see all your deeds, your entire life. Yes, you will see all sixty or seventy years of it...

The most important thing will be revealed to you in the moment of your death. That is why, my beloved brothers, when you sight becomes clear at the moment of your death, the first thing you see will be the two angels who recorded all your deeds.  They will appear before your eyes, and you will see them. If you see them rejoice, shining with divine light, if you are relieved seeing them, this is a big joy.

If you see joy on the angels’ faces - it is the sign that your end is blessed (may Allah make it so), and if you see the angels with frowned faces and they threaten you - this is a sign of your wickedness and sinfulness, may Allah keep you away from this.

Allah in the Quran says: “They will be revealed things by Allah they have never imagined” (from surah az-Zumar, ayah 47)

O servants of Allah, what we are talking about is not a mere fantasy but it is something every living being, you and me, shall be confronted with. Then we shall see all our deeds: “That day every man will see what his hands had done and an infidel will say: O how I wish I were dust!” (surah an-Naba’, ayah 40)

That is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Think of the death, the destroyer of all pleasures, more often: it makes the little increase and the great decrease.” It means, that when one has many wishes - they become less, and if one has few good deeds - they become more, when one thinks about death.

Verily, a Muslim wants to die as a rightious believer, and may Allah give him such death. I will use the little time of this Friday sermon to tell about the reasons of a blessed end and a wicked end, may Allah keep the latter away from us.

Follow the advice how to have a blessed death: observe the daily prayers at their times; when you hear a prayer call of muezzin - leave your business and your family, and follow the call of your Lord.

If you postpone, deny, deride the prayer or those who pray, may Allah keep you away from it, then your soul will be taken rapidly, if you want it or not, the Angel of Death will come and say: “Come out!” and your soul will leave your body. If you are a believer, a Muslim, may Allah make you such a one; the soul will be called by these words: “O peaceful soul! Go back to your Lord content and pleasing! And enter among my rightious servants! And enter my Garden!” (surah al-Fajr, ayahs 27-30) 

O Allah, make us one of those who will hear: “O peaceful soul!”, because if the soul is not like that it will be twitching in the body: “When you infidels die the angels hit their faces and backs saying: Taste the blazing hellfire” (surah al-Anfal, ayah 50). May Allah keep you away from this! When a person hears: “O peacefull soul!Come back to your Lord content and pleasing!” - the soul will come out easily and gently, full of love to Allah. The first important advice for having a blessed end is praying constantly.

The second advice, o believers, is being kind to your parents. Fear to cause your parents’ wrath! Even if you are oppressed by them - be patient; even if they harm you - hold on, for they are your father and mother.

Once, in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) a young man was dying, but he would not say the shahadah.  The companions were afraid for him and told about this to the Prophet (peace be upon him).  He inquired about this young man and the companions replied that he had a mother. The mother was brought to the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Your son cannot say la ilaha illa-llah, forgive him”. She replied: “No, by Allah, I shall not forgive him.” “Your son is dying, he cannot say la ilaha illa-llah, forgive him”, - asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) again. “No”, she said. Her son was still unable to say the shahadah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) wanted to soften her heart, so he asked to light the fire and said if her dying son was unable to pronounce the shahadah, then he would be burning in such fire in hell. Then she said: “O Messenger of Allah, peace be upon you, I have forgiven him, I have forgiven him!” Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) looked and the young man. The young man said the shahadah and died.

O Muslim, go visit your parents after the Friday prayer, if they are still alive, make them happy, kiss their hands, say nice words to them; if they are pleased with you - rejoice, if not - do everything to please them.

And if they are not in this world anymore, listen what we say: There is nothing harder to bear than when your parents die being angry at you; there is nothing more dipressing than the death of the mother when she is angry at you. Can you find peace if your mother dies and she is angry at you? Can you find peace if your father dies in worries about you?

What will you do when your death comes? You can only aks Allah to forgive their sins, to donate in their name, may be they will have mercy and forgive you in the hereafter. Allah will look at your condition and have mercy upon you. O Allah, we beg your forgiveness for all the words and deeds with which we grieved our parents. Forgive us, o most Generous, o most Merciful.

The other advice is, o servants of Allah, to be diligent in invocations to Allah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) often said this dua: “O You who changes the states of the hearts, make my heart strong in your religion!” That was a dua of the Prophet (peace be upin him). Have you heard of a Prophet who would die as an infidel? But nevertheless, the Prophet humbly asked to make him a strong believer! O believers, you should recite this dua a lot! The state of the hearts changes when the death nears: in such moments, your heart will feel such great sadness and bitterness which cannot be overcome through anything but Allah who makes your heart strong in belief.

O Muslims, the next advice to have a blessed death is not to oppress or wrong anyone. Fear to oppress Muslims, fear to oppress a human being, for oppression is darkness of the Doomsday.

Do not harm yourself with your own sins, do not oppress your family, your wife, your son, your daughter, and do not oppress colleagues and workers. If you oppress anybody for the sake of your wishes, if you cast out your servant in wrath - fear your death!

Those who plot against officials, in order to discredit them because you envy their high position, know this means oppression! Know that this everything is oppression:“Take pleasure in being infidel for a while! Verily you will be in hell!” (surah az-Zumar, ayah 8)

If oppression of others is in your nature - know that the death is just before you; the death breaks the spine cord and makes high-ranged people fall. If you are an oppressor your tongue cannot say la ilaha illa-llah. You want to die with the shahada being your last words, but those whom you oppress, curse you day and night, - how is this possible? So you oppress, steal, cheat, lie, break agreements and you want to die whispering la ilaha illa-llah?! How can this be possible?

Are the sinners and the rightious equal? Can they possibly be equal? Are the blind and the sighted people equal? Is oppression and shining with good deeds all the same? They are not equal!

The Quran is saying: “Do those who committed bad deeds indeed think that we make them equal both in their life and their death with those who committed rightious deeds?  Their judgement is wrong!” (surah al-Jathiya, ayah 21)

Think about this ayah. The great companion Tamim ad-Dari (may Allah be pleased with him) used to repeat this ayah for the whole night. He was a companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him), but what about you?

Repent to Allah about the time missed! May Allah guide you to repent and turn to Him before you die! O, Lord of the Worlds, forgive my and my brothers’ sins. Verily he is Forgiving and Merciful.

Friday sermon by: Sheikh Habib Hussein as-Saqaf


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