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Cool relief to Haram worshippers

Temporary AC units are installed to provide cooling to worshippers in the expansion work area of Haram in Makkah.

By Irfan Mohammed / Arab news / 27 Feb 2014

A temporary air conditioning facility is going to be provided for visiting pilgrims in the old part of the grand mosque area where expansion work is taking place. This is in view of the rising temperatures and the increasing number of pilgrims to the grand mosque.

The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs is executing a plan to provide a temporary cooling facility to worshippers in the Ajyad area of the grand mosque in three phases, said Ahmed Al Mansuri of the Presidency of Two Holy Mosques affairs.

He said that the HVAC project has been completed in the basement of the Ajyad area and work has started on the ground floor from the Safa gate to King Abdulaziz gate, which is the main gate of the grand mosque.

“We are providing the air conditioning facility in three phases in the grand mosque: The first phase is covered by the basement area of Safa to King Abdulaziz gate while the second phase will cover the cellar of Ajyad to the basement of the first Saudi expansion area,” Al Mansuri said, adding that 75 interior units and 45 exterior heavy air conditioning units are being installed in these areas.

He said that in the third phase, the ground floor from the middle stretch of Safa to King Abdulaziz gate would be covered, where 92 units of HVACs, both interior and exterior will be installed and that the same number of units would be installed on the first floor also.

The Presidency has stated that a total of 120,000 tons of cooling is being pumped into the mataf (circumambulation area around the Holy Ka’aba) with an environment friendly technique that reduces heat emissions and saves up to nearly 50 percent of power consumption.


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