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Bishkek named capital of Islamic Culture

Mosque in Bishkek

Source : Agencies / 21 May 2014

Bishkek, the capital city of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, has been declared the capital of Islamic culture in 2014, hosting five month activities to mark the event.

The announcement was made when Kyrgyzstan’s Deputy Prime Minister Kamila Taliyev, hosted a meeting to arrange events held between May 20 and October 19. The events include art exhibitions, film festivals, workshops, conferences and a trade fair. After the meeting, a government press statement said that the activities would be aimed at promoting and developing Islamic culture as well as strengthening cultural ties between the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Bishkek has several historical buildings and museums, and boasts vast expansions of natural heritage.

The city regained its name in 1991, when the Republic of Kyrgyzstan achieved its independence.

Muslims make up 75 percent of Kyrgyzstan’s 5-million population.


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