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Are Vikings on the Terrorism Path?

Source : Ali Vyacheslav Polosin |
Moscow | 01 Aug 2011

Puppeteers Have Gone Too Far: ‘Authentic Aryan’ Mug instead of Osama’s Image

Norwegian ‘Raskolnikov’ surpassed his Dostoevsky’s prototype, not only in scale, but also in the absence of inner struggle such as: “Am I a trembling creature, or have I the right?” Everything is certain in advance and extremely straightforward: “I have!” If this ‘arbiter’ did no Third Reich salute with his right arm after firing, he made a major PR blunder: he is as ruthless to the enemies of his fantasy ‘Fourth Reich’.

Stunning in its meaningless violence terror act in Norway on July 22, 2011, did not leave Europeans as flabbergast as the attacks attributed to ‘Al- Qaeda’; although even the very fact of deliberate and cold-blooded massacring of nearly a hundred innocent civilians by a man deserves the closest attention. The reason for this is the mass media approach: the ‘Islamist’ attacks were presented in the context of a massive campaign, in line with the American ‘clash of civilizations’ ideologeme, designed to camouflage the struggle for the US monopoly over Central Asian energy reserves.

This terror act not only disagrees with the campaign, but directly contradicts it. For example, if a terrorist blew up the boat with North African refugees, it could still somehow fit into the PR concept of Samuel Huntington's propaganda. Yet when the victims of a new ‘Authentic Aryan’ become other representatives of the Nordic race and civilization, the Western media is completely bewildered. Moreover, it is difficult to claim psychopathy - the ‘terrorist viking’ wrote his own 1,500-page ‘Mein Kampf’ to justify the theory, which is attracting more and more followers in Europe, although, definitely, not in such monstrous scope.

So, should we see the event as something earth-shaking, like some our youngish journalists? I believe, no. I cannot imagine the political elites of Europe and America so cuckoo as to thus promote their ideas, especially as their ideas are different. Most likely, it was a serious failure in the system that had worked flawlessly for 10 years.

The same failure as when the investigators found no membership card of the German Communist Party planted as false evidence into the Reichstag arsonist’s jacket in 1933, because it burned with the jacket. Of course, it did not deter the Third Reich leaders, and they still banned the Communist Party, and all the other parties to follow. Therefore, a single blooper does not override the major interest in the Central Asian energy resources, the owner of which will be the 21st century front-runner.

However, this event displayed an important symptom. In the 1920s and 30s the West considered Communist Russia their main enemy, and therefore let the Nazis to take power in Germany. They took Hitler for a clown and hoped that this clown was going to fight against the Bolsheviks. And the West would further enjoy the mutual extermination of the Nazis and the Communists. But Hitler turned out more cunning than a clown; and the price of political short-sightedness of the Western elites of the time was millions of ruined lives.

Now the Muslims in control of the covetable energy resources are in the shoes of the Bolsheviks, and ‘Al- Qaeda’ – of the Third International. A significant contribution was made by the pro-Israeli ideologues, ready to set the western public opinion against Islam in general and call Protestants and other fundamentalists for an alliance against the Muslims for the sake of their own interests in the region. So they found their ‘ally’ in the land of the Vikings! This man, if in power, will not hesitate in the blink of an eye to rebuild the gas chambers and crematoria of Auschwitz and Dachau.

The big lie about chemical Iraq’s weapons, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay ...
Carried away by the anti-Islamic camouflage of their true economic goals, the U.S. and their allies have given up their own standards of democracy, human rights and the rule of law for the sake of the ‘exceptionally important’ struggle against international terrorism. However, this approach to “others” is incompatible with the standard of internationalism, dubbed ‘multiculturalism’ by Europeans. And any ‘anti-Islamist’ definitely remembers that among his ‘sworn enemies’ – the Arabs and Persians – somewhere hide the Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and other ‘subhumans’, and also their own ‘opportunists’ and ‘deviationists’... Thus, one of the ‘authentic Aryans’ recalled it, and decided to start with his ‘opportunists’ to scare others even more.

We must respect the rights of man, any man, regardless of skin color, nationality and religion – no matter if he is the Wall Street oligarch or a poor Afghan villager! And if we start looking for exceptions, then tomorrow everyone can become such ‘an exception’ and, just walking down the street, fall a victim to another ‘Raskolnikov’, yelling: “Kill!” and “Save!”

Therefore, it’s high time for Western European elites to think seriously about who and why pulls them into the anti-Islamic campaign. Otherwise, once their own French, German, British, Italian TV channels, not necessarily ‘Al Jazeera’, might air an ugly mug of an ‘authentic Aryan’, who, besides the Arabs, has blacklisted many others...


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