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All-Russian Congress of Muslim women's organizations held in Moscow

Leyla Natalia Bahadori delivering her speech during the event.

Source : | 03 June 2014

From 30-31 May 2014, two important events were held by Russian Muslims: VI International Peace Forum "Islam - the religion of peace and creation" in Grozny, which brought together all the biggest contemporary Islamic scholars from around the world, and the event, more modest, but at the same time infinitely important in contemporary Russia - Russian Congress of Muslim women's organizations in Moscow, organized by the International club "Aisha".

At the invitation of the club about one hundred women, more than half of whom came from different parts of our country, gathered in capital of Russia. But the important thing was not even the number and quality of the audience because they were female activist of the Islamic Ummah, each of whom shows in their region social activism, working for the religion of Allah and is a member of a Muslim organization. The topic for discussion which took Muslimas' concerns was an important part in the life of every Muslim as nikah ("Nikah in a secular state: the rights and responsibilities").

For two days there were reports and speeches, Muslimas talking about situations in their regions, resulting in stories and statistics, sharing about marriages between believers in Russia, made ​​suggestions about how to improve the situation and make the right Muslim fully protected in the Islamic Union, regardless on whether marriage is decorated with the registry office or not. Of course, this was discussed in the context of the topic of polygamy. The results of these interventions were developed and unanimously approved in the draft of resolution. Also it was initiated the formation of a working group that will implement the adopted initiatives, chief among them is the development of a unified marriage contract, which will be invited to be used in every Muslim family.

It is necessary to say a few words, that the working group will be comprised of big Alims, scientists, lawyers, psychologists from all regions of Russia, and from each of Muftiat. According to Muslimas, such an agreement is required, it can protect the Islamic marriage, in particular - women's rights. Congress participants also suggested the development of a memo for newlyweds on what each member of the marriage union has rights and responsibilities. It will be distributed to imams to give newlyweds on their wedding day. Results of implementation of these and other initiatives, will be discussed in December, at the next event, which was announced by Chairman of the International Women's Club "Aisha" Aisha Polosin - "Conference on marriage and family."

Club "Aisha" also stated that two books: "Women look at polygamy" (by Leyla Natalia Bahadori, a regular contributor to our portal) and "Nikah with no defects" (by Gulnara Kharisova) - will be released in a series of books for Muslims, under a title "The White Crow."

Congress participants were accommodated at the hotel, from where to the congress itself, held in the historic center of Moscow - in the boardroom of "President Hotel" was a specially arranged shuttle bus, also the participants were provided with food and refreshments. Congress ended with a cruise on the Moscow River.

The event was organized with support from the "Al-Wasatiya - moderation" Center and the Foundation of Islamic culture, science and education.


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