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7 out of 10 Working Moroccan Women Hold No Degree

73.5% of women reported in 2012 having entered the job market at less than 15 years of age

Source : Morocco World News / 15 Mar 2014

According to daily La Vie Eco, a recent report by the Higher Commission of Planning (HCP) showed that the bulk of Moroccan working women are “relatively young” and hold no diplomas.

In rural areas, women aged 25 years old constitute 20% of the total number of working women, whereas in urban areas, women of the same age represent only 10%.

According to the same report, 57.7% of working women in Morocco are married, 30.7% are single and 11.7% are either widowed or divorced.

HCP’s report also shows that 7 working women out of 10 do not hold any degrees or diplomas, a figure reflecting 92.7% of working women in rural areas and 38.2% in urban areas.

According to the HCP, this situation is the result of the fact that women in rural areas are mostly employed in agricultural activities or as housekeepers.

According to the same source, 73.5% of women reported in 2012 having entered the job market at less than 15 years of age, whereas only 11.8% entered the job market at the same age or older.

HCP’s report lamented that this situation has a negative impact on the education of rural children, especially girls.

At the national level, the employment rate of men is 3 times higher than that of women, and is even 6 times higher in some regions, according to the same report.

“Regardless of their educational level, and compared to their male counterparts, women still have a harder time finding a job,” La Vie Eco quotes the report as saying

“The more educated women are, the fewer difficulties they face in entering the job market,” explained HCP’s report.


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