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15,000 visit Al-Masmak Museum during Haj holidays

GLORIOUS HISTORY: The Al-Masmak Fort that was captured by the late King Abdul Aziz. (AN photo)

By Rashid Hassan / 26 Oct 2013

About 15,000 people visited Al-Masmak Museum in Riyadh during the Haj holidays, an official said on Thursday.
Nasir bin Abdul Kareem Al-Oraifi, director of the museum, said the visitors included diplomats and tourists from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Al-Oraifi said the museum has attractive and informative exhibits on the unification of the country by King Abdul Aziz. 
Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), ordered officials to open all museums in the country on national, social and religious occasions.
“Visitors to the museum, through the exhibits and the information provided by tourist guides, can relive the storming of Al-Masmak Palace by King Abdul Aziz.” The museum shows how the late king took it back from the Al-Rashid family.
The museum is a popular attraction and includes many old and new buildings, mosques, coffee shops and a shopping area. The Al-Masmak fort, which has been converted into a museum, is also called Qasr Al-Masmak or Al-Masmak Palace.

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