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14th-century mosque in N.Turkey drawing global interest

Mahmut Bey Mosque, one of the first wood columned and wood roofed mosques in Anatolia, is attracting visitors from around the globe.

The mosque, located 20 kilometers away from northern Kastamonu city, was built by Mahmut Bey in 1366, during the reign of Candarogulları Sultanate.

According to the UNESCO website, in terms of wood carving technique and the decorating style of interior, Mahmut Bey Mosque is accepted as a masterpiece for Turkish art and architecture.

"In Mahmut Bey Mosque, all wood pieces were unified without any nail. Instead of nail, architect used a special technique to unify wood pieces. All wood pieces came together similar to lego toys," it said.

In April 2014, the mosque was included on the UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage.

Mehmet Ishak, Kastamonu provincial director of culture and tourism, told Anadolu Agency that efforts underway to get the mosque on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

"Mahmut Bey Mosque draws attentions of tourists. A great number of tourists visit here everyday. It carries great value for Kastamonu," Ishak said.

He said around 12,000 people visited the mosque every year.


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