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TV channels in Russia receive halal certificates

Ufa, March 10, 2021

TV channels “HOME 4K” and “Wildlife”" of the “Ufanet” group of companies from Bashkiria are the first in Russia to receive halal certificates confirming the compliance of their content with the canons of Islam.

This will allow TV companies to broadcast in Muslim countries, says Irina Shlenkina, Director General of “Irida” Ltd. (part of Ufanet Group of Companies), speaking at the final board of the Republic’s State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations and Congress.

“Our TV channels ‘HOME 4K’ and ‘Zhivaya Priroda’ received halal certification. This is really a big event; there are no media in Russia that have such certificates. This will allow us to expand the geography of these TV channels and simplify interaction with Muslim countries”, Shlenkina said.

The certificate was issued to the TV channel by the Center for the Development of the Halal Industry of the Muslim Religious Administration of the Republic of Bashkortostan and applies in the CIS. The document confirms that the content of the TV channel meets the requirements of Islam, and the company’s employees have received appropriate training.

“Halal certificate will allow us to expand foreign partnerships and facilitate interaction with the markets of Muslim countries, where there are strict requirements for the content and production of TV broadcast content. We recently increased the number of broadcast languages ​​to six: English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French”, added Shlenkina.

According to Ufanet, their TV channels are included in the packages of cable TV and OTT platforms in 28 countries such as Slovakia, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, etc. HOME 4K is an anti-stress channel filming picturesque wildlife locations from around the world, TASS reports.



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