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Tatarstan Muslims advised how to get vaccinated in Ramadan

Kazan, April 7, 2021

Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan recommended the believers in the holy month of Ramadan to get vaccinated against COVID-19 after sunset, the republican press and mass communications agency reported on Tuesday, citing the Muftiyat.

“The vaccine does not break the fasting, but there are some scholars who have a different opinion. If a person wants to be sure that his fast does not break, then let him vaccinate after sunset. We give this advice,” the agency quotes the words of the head of the Sharia department Tatarstan Muftiyat, Bulat Mubarakov.

According to him, Tatarstan Muftiyat scholars came to the conclusion that the vaccination against COVID-19 is not forbidden for Muslims even during the month of Ramadan and does not apply to actions that can break the fast - such as eating, drinking, oral medications and sexual intercourse before sunset.

However, although the vaccination is allowed, Mubarakov recommended that believers do it after the sunset prayer.



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