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Tatarstan businessmen to help the needy imams

Kazan, August 18, 2021

A new social significant project “Gailk dәreslure” launched in Tatarstan, on the initiative of the Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation, website reports. The project is intended to revive the tradition of obtaining knowledge from the imams of rural and urban mosques for the whole family and at the same time is addressed to support the needy religious figures.

Thanks to caring Muslim entrepreneurs of Tatarstan, the organizers pay for the teaching work of imams in mosques, that makes it possible to increase the general religious literacy of the population in rural areas and in cities of the republic, the press office of Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan reports.

 “The Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs of Russia has undertaken this socially significant mission, following the rich centuries-old traditions of Tatar patronage. At all times, mosques, madrasas, scientists, and Islamic students received help from the Tatar benefactors. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was they who played a decisive role in the development of national and religious education among the Tatars, as they took an active part in the life of their people and in solving the problems of the spiritual and moral development of their fellow believers”, said the head of the Charitable Fund, Rustam Valiev.



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