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Restoration of St. Petersburg Cathedral Mosque comes to an end

Saint-Petersburg, October 9, 2019

According to the authorities, the restoration works at the St. Petersburg Cathedral Mosque are almost finished. The constructors and specialists repaired the historical parquet and interior decoration of the premises of the second floor. The opening of this floor is scheduled for early November 2019.

The main mosque of the northern capital is one of the largest in the European part of Russia, and also a monument of Islamic religious architecture. The task of restorers was to preserve this monument.

The previous years were already restored facades and minarets, majolica decoration of portals, stairs of minarets, and the prayer hall of the first floor. The next stage of restoration work includes the third floor.

The parishioners of the mosque expressed their gratitude to the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Dmitrievich Beglov for his responsive attention to the Muslim ummah of the city.


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