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Putin claimed to combat any attempts of inciting interreligious discord

Moscow, March 3, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged a tough suppression of the propaganda of nationalism, xenophobia, religious hatred and violence, reports.

“The most serious attention should be paid to the fight against extremism. I ask you to strictly suppress the propaganda of nationalism, xenophobia, religious enmity and violence, as well as to bring to justice the provocateurs who run away and hide themselves. When we catch them they seem to realize their faults and they repent, but at the same time these people push others on the path of violations”, he said on Wednesday, March 3, during the annual expanded meeting of the board of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The head of state noted that the situation with foreign migration in the Russian Federation has become more organized and transparent, but the risks still remain, “including the penetration of criminals among migrant workers”.



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