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People in Russian Dagestan establish Spiritual and educational center named after Prophet Isa

From day to day the Spiritual and educational center named after the Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) is becoming as a center for uniting people of different views, nationalities and confession under a common flag of cohesion and mutual respect. For this reason, from the very first day the Center's motto “Let's build a spiritual center together” serves as the most revealing appeal.

Of course, the jewel in this grandiose blueprint is the Mosque named after the Prophet Muhammad ﷺwhere the holy relics related to the Prophet ﷺand the history of Islam, as well as the real-scale model of the Messenger's ﷺhouse will be treasured.

For this reason many architectural and stylistic elements are intertwined with the Prophet's ﷺMosque in Medina. The mosque is designed to be a single-story building of 150x200 meters width and 17 meters of height, with six minarets, and a total building area of 32.000 sq.m. 

The extensive prayer halls for men and women (with a capacity of up to 20 thousand people) are zoned into separate spaces, with four fountains, pedestrian areas and dressing room vestibules.

It should be noted that all measures prescribed by the Russia's Ministry of Construction in the Special Technical Conditions (STC) for fire safety are strictly observed. Similar ground-breaking STCs have been developed for seismic safety, despite the fact that the construction site is located on 8-point seismicity zone. As per general plan the earthquake-resistant building is designed to withhold maximum earthquake motions with simulated seismic accelerograms (models) of seismic vibrations. 

With the aim of preserving as much environmental space as possible, all the lavatories and ablution rooms will be located underground, provided with transition points to elevators for transferring special needs people directly to the mosque building.

It is more appurtenant to consider the next “avant-garde project” of the religious complex to be the public recreational zone, which together with the alley covers an area of 290000 square meters, - 66.5% of the entire vicinity. A long pedestrian alley from the Caspian seashore to the Spiritual Center is designed to be motorway-cross-free. State-of-the-art 18 meter wide underpass with gradual ascent and descent is projected along the old Kaspiysk highway; everything has been designed for users convenience and easy access. 

Leading roadways and parking lots around the Center will occupy an area of 90000 sq.m. The rest of the buildings are fashioned to be of both religious and social orientation: Muslim religious administration office, Graduate school, Rehabilitation center, Hotel, Sports complex, School, Kindergarten and children's development centers.



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