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A new mufti elected in Rostov region

Rostov-on-Don, December 7, 2020

Central Muslim Religious Administration of the Rostov Region held elections of the head of the religious organization on December 6, Islam.ru website reports. The post of Mufti Jafyar Bikmaev, who died in mid-November, was taken by his son, Muhammad. He was elected during an open vote of the Council of Alims and Imams of the region.

Prior to his appointment, Muhammad Bikmaev was an imam-akhund, that is, the chairman of the regional Muslim Religious Administration. His candidacy was approved by the spiritual leader of Muslims of Russia - Talgat Tadzhuddin.

Mohammed Bikmaev's father, Jafar Bikmaev, died on November 16 at the age of 64, after a long illness. The chief adviser to the Supreme Mufti of Russia headed the region’s Muslim community for forty years. Bikmaev had two sons - Muhammad and Nail. As the result, Muhammad continued his father’s work, Nail works as the imam-khatib of the Cathedral Mosque of Rostov-on-Don.



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