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Muslims feel better about authorities than other believers in Russia

Moscow, November 12, 2019

Russian Muslims are more likely to be satisfied with government policy towards the population of the country than representatives of other religions and atheists. This is proved by the results of the survey of more than 85 thousand people, reports “Red Spring” Inform Agency.

The attitude of the authorities towards the people is good according to 8% of non-believers, 9% of believers without certain faith, 10% of Orthodox, and about 14% of Muslims. Accordingly, the number of those who are not satisfied with the attitude of the authorities towards themselves is changing: from 77% among unbelievers to only 67% among Muslims.

It should be noted that it is in the North Caucasus Federal District, where the population has the lowest incomes in the country, that the level of positive attitude towards the authorities is especially high: 16% are satisfied with the attitude of the authorities against the of average 9-11% among residents of other federal districts, REGNUM reports.


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