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A Muslim saved the animal, risking his life

Samara, December 2, 2020

An unusual rescue mission took place in the town of Pokhvistnevo near Samara. For three days local residents watched a cat that climbed a tall tree and could not get down. The animal was exhausted from hunger and was very frightened. Photos of the situation have spread around local publics on social networks. As a result, Murat Valiev volunteered to help the cat. The young Muslim climbed a tree and rescued an exhausted, frozen and hungry animal.

The townspeople thanked the savior of the cat: “I would like to express my deep gratitude for the concern to the misfortune of others and the kind heart to Murat Valiev and all those involved in saving the animal! Risking his own life, Murat climbed at a great height and rescued the exhausted animal! The world needs such sympathetic and understanding people like you!” people said.



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