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Muslim pilot received high reward from Russian president

Moscow, November 21, 2019

Russian leader Vladimir Putin awarded the stars of Heroes of Russia to Airbus A321 pilots Damir Yusupov and George Murzin, who landed the plane on a corn field and saved the lives of 233 passengers in August this year. The award ceremony took place in the Kremlin.

“This award is not only my merit, it is recognition of joint actions of our entire crew and thanks for the teachers who trained us,” Yusupov said.

On August 15, Airbus A321 traveling from Moscow to Simferopol, shortly after takeoff, made an emergency landing near Zhukovsky Airport due to a failure of both engines and the pilots had to land the plane on a cornfield. There were more than 230 people onboard.

President Putin awarded the A321 pilots the titles of Heroes of Russia; the remaining crew members were awarded the Order of Courage.


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