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Mufti Tajuddin urges to teach moral lessons at schools and universities

Ufa, October 18, 2019

The head of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia Talgat Tajuddin proposed introducing the study of morality at schools and universities.

“Thanks to God, we have the lessons on the culture of traditional religions in school curriculum. And now it would be better to start the lessons on morality, both at high school and higher educational institutions,” the mufti said on Friday at the World Russian People’s Gathering in Moscow.

According to mufti Tajuddin, the Russian Federation would not become a great state without spreading the moral principles among the people.

“Thanks to God, our country is a great power, and everyone has witnessed it. If it happens, we will have to resist aggression in the Middle East and the whole world as well. But after all greatness is not only words, or weapons, we must have the spirit in order to withstand all this,” said the mufti, once again urging everyone on teaching children the basics of spirituality and morality.


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