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Mufti of St. Petersburg took part in the OSCE meeting

St. Petersburg, November 10, 2020

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe held an online conference on the observance of freedom of conscience and religion on November 9-10, 2020.

Mufti, Chairman of the Muslim Religious Administration of St. Petersburg and the North-West Region of Russia, Sheikh Ravil-Khazrat Pancheev addressed the participants of the high meeting. In his speech to representatives from the countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as other honorary participants of the conference, Mufti Ravil Pancheev conveyed greetings from the Muslims of St. Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia, the Muslims of the Russian Federation and noted a special contribution of religious organizations to the harmonization and strengthening of interfaith and interethnic relations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mufti Pancheev stressed that the Russian model of multiculturalism plays an important and positive role in preserving national interests. “One of the elements of multiculturalism is tolerance, the goal of which is the peaceful coexistence of cultures,” explains Mufti-Hazrat.


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