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Moscow Mufti: The level of extremism and xenophobia is growing in the world

Moscow, June 4, 2021

Crisis phenomena in the economy and social sphere provoke the growth of xenophobia and extremism in the world, the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (SAMR), Mufti Albir Hazrat Krganov, said at the international conference “Xenophobia and Extremism in the OSCE Area”, the press office of the SAMR reported.

“Unfortunately, the current crisis phenomena in the economy and social sphere, typical for many countries of the world, only provoke the growth of xenophobia and extremist views in society,” said Krganov.

According to him, the world is witnessing an increase in extremism, interethnic and interreligious tensions, and “the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Europe indicates the need for reconciliation efforts on the part of every state, religious and ethnic organizations, and civil society institutions as well.”

“A special place in the development of state-confessional relations is occupied by the prevention of extremism and terrorism and the prevention of conflicts on national and religious grounds, particularly among young people and in relations with migrants,” the mufti concluded.



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