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Mawlid in the ancient Russian city

Derbent, November 3, 2020

Rabi`ul-Awwal is the month in which the best of mankind - the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born.

A Muslim of the ancient Derbent held a majlis on the city square dedicated to the the month of Rabiul-Awwal.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the Dagestan Muftiyat Shamil Alikhanov, Deputy Mufti Muhammad Mayranov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Muftiyat in Southern Territorial Okrug Husein Hajiev, Chairman of the Derbent Council of Imams Abdula Malikov, Deputy Head of the city Zaur Eminov and public figures, as well as by townspeople and visitors from the surrounding districts.

The majlis was accompanied by the performance of beautiful nasheeds.

The Head of the department of culture, youth policy and sports Samila Najafova, on behalf of the Mayor of the city, Khizri Abakarov, presented Abdula Malikov with a letter of appreciation for his help in organizing and holding events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


In his turn, deputy mayor of the city, Shamil Aliev, presented gratitude and gifts to the employees of the Muftiyat in Derbent, who washed the deceased from COVID-19 during the spread of coronavirus infection.

The Majlis ended with festive fireworks.


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