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International Forum "Theological heritage of Muslims of Russia" opened in Bolgar

Bolgar, October 14, 2019

An international forum “Theological Heritage of Muslims of Russia” has opened at the Bulgarian Islamic Academy. The scientific event will run until October 19.

“We welcome all the guests of the forum that we hold for the first time within the walls of the Bulgarian Islamic Academy. This year within the framework of our forum we planned scientific and practical conferences, round tables and olympiads. We really hope that the forum will become annual”, said at the opening ceremony Daniyar Abdrakhmanov, Rector of the Bulgarian Islamic Academy.

The forum is aimed to unite the efforts of scientists and experts, public and religious figures to discuss and solve urgent problems of preservation, study and development of traditional Islamic spiritual values ​​of the Russian Muslims.

The participants will also consider the development of domestic Islamic theology and Islamic education, strengthening cultural, civilizational and interreligious dialogue in modern conditions, both in Russia and the globalized world as a whole.


The forum will host four scientific and practical conferences, international Bulgarian readings “Traditions and Renovationism in the Theological Heritage”, “Islam and Society: a Regional Aspect”, The III readings named after Sh. Marjani “Search for Theological Solutions in the Age of Globalization” and “Formation of Civic Identity” Muslim youth in Russia and abroad” as well as the olympiads in Russian and Arabic.

It is estimated that the total number of forum participants will be about 400 people. Among them about 150 students studying theology from the regions of Russia, European countries and the CIS countries, Syria and Jordan.


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