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International and interfaith conference held in Omsk

Muftiyat of Dagestan in cooperation with the plenipotentiary of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan in the Omsk Region and with the participation of the Siberian Muftiyat organized an international and interfaith conference in Omsk, on November 18.
The event was assisted by representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan and the Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan.
The purpose of the forum was to attract public attention to the problems of extremism, strengthen interethnic and interfaith relations and strengthen friendly ties between the peoples of Russia under the slogan "The unity of the people is a strong Russia"
The event was attended by representatives of state authorities of the region and the city of Omsk, the Public Chamber of the Omsk Region, the Russian Orthodox Church, ethnic groups of the peoples of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia living in the Omsk Region, the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and other public organizations.
The forum was opened with the opening speech of the plenipotentiary of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan in the Omsk region Shamil Shikhmirzaev. Speaking at the conference, Assistant Mufti RD Muhammad Muhammadov shared the experience of the Dagestan clergy in countering radical ideologies. He told about the events that were held in this direction together with the authorities. The theologian also shared the experience in establishing interfaith relations in the republic.
Advisor to the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan on the strengthening and development of interethnic, friendly relations in the Siberian Federal District Nazir Genzheev drew attention to the multinational composition of Siberia in general and the Omsk region in particular. He also emphasized  that the peoples living in the region manage to find a common language with each other and easily maintain harmony in mutual relations.
During the conference, there were presented videos about the geographical, natural, cultural and economic features of Dagestan. There were also recited instructive poems by the world-famous Dagestan poet Rasul Gamzatov, the press service of the Muftiyat RD informs.

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