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Halal Standard Committee organizes Dagestan Halal Expo

The topic of Halal is gaining much popularity around the world.

By Jamal Fulani | | 02 Apr 2013

Dagestani Halal Standard Committee together with Institute of Theology and International Relations and Islamic Business and Culture Development Foundation will host Dagestan Halal Expo from 29 - 30 April 2013. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Islamic Finances in Russian realities - a two days event sponsored by La Riba Finance.  

The topic of Halal is gaining much popularity around the world. Islam is not only ideology, but a comprehensive way of life, covering all aspects of human life. Muslims around the world try to adhere to the teachings of Islam in their personal as well as social life. About development of Halal industry in Dagestan and its prospects we interview Head of Halal Standard Committee of Muslim Spiritual Board of the Republic of Dagestan Ibrahim Abdulaev.

What are the aims and objectives of the Committee?

Our aim is promotion and popularization of halal culture and certification of products and services for the compliance to Islamic requirements of Halal.
Our committee was set up in the Dagestani Muslims Spiritual Board for more than a year, and during that time a lot of work has been done both for the education of masses and for standardization of our practices for certification of products and services. All the legal framework and council of canonical experts was set up, contacts and agreements are made with Veterinary Committee of RD, Consumer Rights and Human Welfare Protection Committee of RD, Federal Agency "Desinfectionist", Center for standardization, metrology and testing of RD and other private and government bodies.

How relevant is the Halal culture and how much is the demand for Halal products in Dagestan?

Dagestanis were practicing Islam even during the communist times, especially nowadays, at present time one can observe general Islamization in the society, and the interest towards Islam is growing with each passing day, especially among the youth. To tell about the importance of Halal in Dagestan, alhamdulillah is not an urgent necessity as most of the population are Muslims and the level of religiosity is quite high. Yet our Committee was set up to be sure about Halal authenticity of products and services and to help the general public with consultation and certification support. Many people refer to us with questions related to halal authenticity of certain consumer products labeled as halal available in market, how to slaugter an animal, how to determine of certain product halal or not etc. Many questions are asked from the field of Muamalat - business transactions among Muslims, since halal is not only confined to consumer products, to quote my colleague from RMC Madina Kalimulina, even thoughts of a Muslim must be halal.

What are your future plans and how are you going to promote halal culture in Dagestan?

No matter how much practicing the Muslim vendors are, sometimes we see in the news that certain halal products contained pork or other non-halal ingredients, therefore we will continue with certification and education of halal producers. We annually organize Dagestan Halal Expo where halal producers can promote their products and services and venture into new markets. Tapping from international pool of experts in the field of halal, such as Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and others reenforced with rich experience of our colleagues from Moscow and Kazan we plan to cater to Muslim needs of consuming healthy and most importantly permissible goods and services in Islam.


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